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Custom technology at the centre of everything we do. 3P’s core business is the development of custom technology to form the right production process for our customer’s products.

Innovative custom solutions

Providing our customers with competitive edge through technology


Global Projects


We offer customers a wide range of innovative technologies that can be applied to any project. With a breadth of knowledge and experience across a multitude of manufacturing technologies, we are recognised as experts around the world.  Technologies can include: robotics, vision systems, test and inspection, web fed machinery, cutting and sealing. In addition, 3P offers integrated containment and aseptic barrier technology for robust and reliable protection of people, the environment and production process.

Applying proven well tested design and development of custom solutions is what we do best.

3P prides itself on robust, scaleable manufacturing processes built on key technologies tailored to your individual industry requirements.



3P has expertise in automation and has significant experience of implementing servo motors and robots within our...

Vision Systems

Does Vision Inspection play an important part in the manufacture of your product or device? In response to the...

Web Processing

Your innovative product may be produced from web-based materials and at 3P we will take this into consideration across...


Our customer's innovative products quite often require some form of cutting and sealing. 3P can add value to your...


3P offer fully integrated containment and aseptic barrier technology to ensure reliable protection of the operators,...


Inhalation is now seen as a viable alternative drug delivery route for a wide variety of drug groups, including...

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Partnership with BioPharmEquip

3P innovation has teamed up with US partner - BioPharmaEquip! Founded and run by Margaret Stava, BioPharmEquip is an equipment manufacturer that provides high value and expertise to biopharma clients. BioPharmEquip specializes in cGMP equipment for Cell Culture, Cold Chain,...

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