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Vacuum Drum Filler

Part of 3P innovation’s Discover Range, our Vacuum Drum Filler offers flexible lab-scale powder filling for inhalation powders and devices, designed to fit on your benchtop.

Capable of dosing into blister strips, DPIs, vials, cartridges, syringes, devices, capsules; this system uses a vacuum to pull powder into the drum cavity and then uses compressed air to blow it into the desired product. This is the ideal product to support early-stage product development and assess your critical quality attributes (CQAs).


  • Customisable stirrer designs can cater for different powder properties 
  • Cost-competitive solution handles up to 20 doses per minute
  • Self contained unit: which only requires compressed air and electricity to run
  • Scalability: the Vacuum Drum Filler can be scaled to support manufacture from clinical supply through to commercial production.
Vacuum Drum Filler
Vacuum Drum Filler

Technical details

  • Dose capacity: 8mm³ to 50mm³ - others available on request
  • Up to 20 doses per minute
  • HMI screen controls parameters: drum speed stirrer speed and direction, loading time, cleaning, vacuum switch on/off

Optional features

  • Automated indexer for blister strips 
  • Weigh cell for testing accuracy (pre-production)
  • Customisable drum sleeves: offers various dose sizes and number of dose pockets
  • Automated turn table
  • Recipe management and batch reports
  • Containment options available: integrate the Vacuum Drum Filler into your existing down flow booth or isolator, or we can provide the isolator