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Robotic Fill-Finish Cell

Robotic Fill-Finish Cell

Part of our Explore range, the Robotic Fill-Finish Cell is a fully autonomous system, offering flexible processing of RTU containers.

The Robotic Fill-finish Cell has been designed to meet rigorous industry standards (including the latest revision of Annex 1) during the process of filling and closing RTU containers. The system has been engineered with multi-format flexibility and small batch capability in mind whilst ensuring product loss is minimised during start-up and production.

PLUG & GO: Autonomous design reduces site integration time.

HYPER-SAFE REVOLVING DOOR: Hydrogen Peroxide rapid decontamination system allows for a fast, toolless format changeover

MULTI-FORMAT FLEXIBILITY: Fill-finish of RTU vials, syringes and cartridges in tubs/trays

AIR RECIRCULATION TECHNOLOGY: The isolator is designed to reduce energy consumption by recirculating air from the cleanroom.

POTENT PRODUCT CAPABLE: HEPA H14 Safe change filtration - wash down design

INTEGRATED CRIMPING TECHNOLOGY: The Rotary Crimper provides a seamless finish in the same machine


ARGUS Product shield is 3P innovation’s comprehensive security management system, designed to shield your product through each and every stage of fill-finish/processing:

- Full Hydrogen Peroxide monitoring throughout the process guarantees a repeatable decontamination cycle along with low PPM after aeration.

- Engineered with 'First-air' flow in mind

- Preheated lid removal aids low particulate generation

- No 'sliding' motion of RTU format primary containers or glass on glass allows for gentle handling

- Full IPC (during filling) on an individual container basis, enables rejection of single containers instead of the entire tub, minimising product loss

- Force feedback on capping and crimping processes along with recipe-driven parameters guarantees container closure integrity (CCI)

- The gentle disc crimping process uses minimal rotation, reducing particulate generation

- Fully integrated environmental monitoring and management

- 21CFR Part-11 compliant with full SCADA integration maintains data integrity


When considering environmental impact, the main factors are energy, raw material and waste. With traditional aseptic fill-finish lines, the biggest impact on the environment comes from cleaning. Preparing & sterilising the equipment ready for use, cleaning and sterilising vials, preparation and management of air suitable for the environment, washing equipment after use and dealing with effluent. All activities are driven by the essential need to protect the drug product from contamination. How 3P innovation reduces your ECO:

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