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Ideally located close to the UK's M40 motorway and railway network, and a 25 minute drive from Birmingham International Airport, 3P offers comprehensive and impressive workshop, office and lab facilities for the design, manufacture, development and testing of large-scale production systems. 

3P innovation have recently just invested of £5M into an ecofreidly purpose-built facility expanding our origianl 30,000 sq feet premesis to an impressive 60,000 sq ft. Both bulidings alllow for flexible workshop spcae providing us with space to run multiple machine builds and technological development projects side-by-side.

Strict customer confidentiality is maintained through the use of full-block screens and controlled access to project team members only.

On-site 3D printing enables us to fast-track machine development and allows for rapid prototyping.

With a dedicated team of software and electrical engineers, we design and build our own electrical cabinets and provide complete machine control system design and development services.  

Customers benefit from our dedicated filling laboratory, enabling us to offer filling trials for powders, granules, liquids and gels using our wide range of different filling technologies. 

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