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At 3P, our vast product range covers numerous industries from pharmaceutical to household goods. Our wealth of knowledge in product development sees us working closely with some of the world’s largest multi-national companies.

Our capabilities ensure we can supply products suitable for filling inhalers, auto-injectors, capsules, injectables, deodorants and detergents among other everyday items. Our name is synonymous with quality and innovation with the 3P team being named on over 300 patents. Working closely with our customers from the research and development (R&D) stage through to the new product development (NPD) we can add significant value to deliver the competitive advantage our customers seek.

Most of our work lies in NPD, however, our engineers can also upgrade existing production lines to improve overall efficiency for the customer. Our purpose is to speed-up the production process while reducing costs and through redesigning entire lines or improving only certain aspects we can achieve this.

Our ability to work on a right-first-time basis ensures downtime is drastically reduced, allowing our customers to get their product into production quickly and smoothly. All intellectual property is owned wholly by the customer, not by us, leaving customers feeling confident in their investment.