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About Us

3P designs, manufactures and supports top-quality production equipment and machinery, from lab-scale to commercial scale.

Our special ingredient

is the depth and breadth of automation-focused intellectual horse-power

>850 years

Engineering experience

About Us

3P is a world-class engineering and process automation company with a passion for helping clients to develop, launch and commercialise new products faster and at lower cost. 

We design, manufacture and support high-end production equipment and machinery, from lab-scale to commercial scale.  As an integral part of this service, we offer a range of engineering consultancy services, including Design for Manufacture (DfM) and Design for Assembly (DfA) studies, feasibility studies, filling trials and 'patent land-scaping' to help identify both constraints and opportunities for new manufacturing technology.

We consciously operate across multiple market sectors for cross-fertilisation of ideas and technologies.  Clients say that we help them gain a competitive advantage and drive company growth, through a powerful combination of intellectual horsepower, high-quality engineering and cross-industry know-how.  Ultimately our forward-thinking design and engineering allow our clients to launch new products faster and at lower cost, with high productivity and reliability from the start.


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Case Studies

Dual Cartridge Injection

DCI is a reconstitution and mixing technology, suitable for liquid-liquid combination therapies or powder-liquid reconstitution, including lyophilised and spray-dried  powders.  DCI has been designed to reduce the entire reconstitution cycle whilst using    standard...

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