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Rotary Crimper

Rotary Crimper

An ultra-compact, and fully configurable, aseptic crimping platform, with capping force measurement, designed to help customers develop and manufacture new drugs and devices at low risk.

Part of our Discover range, this technology is ready to use in existing containment isolators, RABS and biosafety cabinets and provides 100% stopper compression force verification, enhancing product quality and regulatory compliance.

Recognising the vial capping process to be a potentially critical operation during drug product manufacturing, the Rotary Crimper’s repeatable high precision process ensures consistent container closure integrity.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Small footprint, fits inside standard biosafety cabinets, RABS and down-flow booths
  • Low particle generation
  • 100% in-process stopper compression force feedback enabling a validated stoppering process
  • Aseptic design and cGMP compliant
  • Adjustable process parameters to suit all container types
  • Intuitive touch-screen HMI with CFR21 part 11 compliance
  • Hydrogen peroxide compatible


This Rotary Crimper offers an aseptic crimping platform - perfect for lab-scale and clinical manufacture thanks to its benchtop format. The crimper's 'Core Technology' is the same technology used in our automated fill-finish production lines across 3P pharma equiptment.

Core technology: Adjustable process parametres
1. Compression Force
2. Crimping Rate
3. Crimp Wheel Height 
4. Rotation Speed

The Discover Ecosystem

Our Rotary Crimper is part of the Discover Ecosystem, which includes our Gravimetric Filler and Liquid Fill-finish Platform. All technologies intergrate with one and another and can share the same HMI. The use of the Discover Ecosystem accentuates the benefits of an integrated quality and control system.

  • An integrated end-to-end fill-finish crimping system
  • Quick and easy set up via a single HMI
  • Centralised data storage

Technical Details:





The compact footprint of the Rotary Crimper, enables the system to be comfortably housed in most standard and small bio-safety cabinets, with room to be used in conjunction with our Liquid Fill-finish Platform.


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