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    Placement Students

    At 3P innovation, we offer an Undergraduate Placement Scheme that provides hands-on practical training across multiple disciplines. It's a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills for your future career!

    We're proud to say that many of our previous undergraduates who have completed the placement scheme have returned to work with us after graduation, thanks to the rewarding career opportunities we offer. During your time with us, we are committed to your development and growth, and we offer ongoing training and support to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. We can't wait to welcome you to the team!

    Read some of our Student testimonials below:

    Employee Testimonial - Emma Hudson - Electrical Engineering Placement Student

    "Working at 3P as part of the electrical department has been a great learning experience and allowed me to develop many valuable skills. The friendly environment of the company and specifically the team I have been working with has made my placement year unforgettable with many different opportunities. After some training and developing new skills, I have been trusted with different responsibilities such as electrically designing and building machines. At 3P, I was able to work on projects from the very beginning right to the end. I have faced different challenges throughout my placement such as designing the interior of electrical cabinets to fit every component in just the right way whilst having to consider other aspects such as temperature, airflow and the positioning of mains cables. The employee council provides a budget to each department for a team social event which has allowed my team to become closer and work more effectively together"

    Employee Testimonial - Finn Sofroniou - Software and Controls Engineering Placement Student

    "My time at 3P has been invaluable; I have been able to develop my software skills through working on projects of varying size, requirements and responsibility which have all challenged me in different ways. From both my training and the support of my team, I am now able to tackle problems that would have seemed daunting prior to starting at 3P, and produce clean and functional software for products that I care about. The easy-going work environment allows for productive project team communication, such as asking for help when needed or discussing potential machine issues within the team. I have been able to broaden my knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering in my time here too, due to the variety of projects I have worked on."

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