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Explore Range

Our pilot-scale range of equipment to support the development of new chemical entities (NCEs) through the clinical trial stages to market approval

3P pharma equipment

Our equipment ranges will support your product's full lifecycle: from initial drug development activities, through clinical stage manufacturing and onto commercial scale production.

Explore Range

Our Explore range of pharma equipment has been specifically designed to support the development of new drug products, from clinical stages through to market approval. Featuring cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, our equipment is designed to streamline your manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and increase productivity, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety. Whether you are working on a small-scale research project or looking to get market approval, our Explore range has the equipment you need to take your drug product development to the next level. Explore our range today and discover the perfect equipment to meet your unique requirements.

Robotic Fill-Finish Cell

Part of our Explore range, the Robotic Fill-Finish Cell is a fully autonomous system, offering flexible processing of...

Robotic Capsule Filler

Our Robotic Capsule Filler integrates our award-winning Fill2Weight technology, eliminating ‘formulation for filling’ steps and reducing pre-clinical timescales, fast tracking to Phase III.

C500 Semi-Automated Capsule Filler

Our C500 fills challenging formulations, reduces development time and associated costs and helps accelerate the achievement of clinical Phase I and the first time in human (FTIH) milestone.