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Tamping Pin Dosator

Part of 3P innovation’s Pharma Equipment Discover range this Tamping Pin Dosator - developed to fill capsules during early phase pharmaceutical formulation and to automatically produce early phase clinical batches.

Increased laboratory capability and eliminate scale-up risk

A key advantage of this Tamping Pin Dosator is that the small size of the powder bowl actively supports process understanding at a stage when quantities of the active ingredient, available for process optimisation, can be extremely limited. This significantly reduces the cost of studies into compaction and dissolution.

This Tamping Pin Dosator is designed to fit on a bench or within a fume extraction envionment an yet replicates full scale commercial proccesses. Scale-up issues are eliminated by the flexible design uses, wither 3P's or clients existing commerical pin sets (00 to 4). 

It also operates with small amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredient, to match early stage formulation requirements. The system measures and records the force and position of each of the six tamping pins in real time together with dispensed weight to provide a "window" into the process. The ability to rapidly and cost effectively feedback represntative process data into the formulation process significantly increase labriatory capability, adding value and eliminating risk. 

Tamping Pin Dosator

Minimised process uncertainty 

Specifically targeting capsule based formulations the Tamping Pin Dosator is designed to replicate a standard commerical process and can be used to screen formulations during the production cycle and before new powdered ingredients are run through existing production facilities. 

Since the Tamping Pin Dosator records and permanently stores critical process parameters, quality becnhmarks can be easily established against which reject criteria can be set. The ability to screen supplier products before issues are indentified in-production can save signifiant equipment down time, removes uncertainties and strengthens in-house quality and supplier control procedures. 

Post-process dosing parameters

The Tamping Pin Dosator is provided with data logging capabilities that provides users with details of the tamping pin displacement and compression forces assocaited with each stage of the pwder slug's formation. The data files can be exported to a number of common packages, such that key process metrics can b established. The data is also presented graphically. Such data is critcal during dissolution charactisation assessments. 


Dosing Accuracy

Typically <5% RSD (powder consistency/properties dependent)

Dosing cycle time

Up to 700 capsules an hour, capsule feed rate dependent

Electronic records

100% of dosed samples if integrated with weigh cell.

21CFR11 option available

Full retention of all powder handling force and displacement parameters as standard.

Powder bowl capacity

0.7L (350g @ 0.5g/cc)

Tamping pin disk set capsule size

00 - 4

Tamping pin force range

0 - 200N - measures and recorded in real time


Live on-screen display of process parameters

Interchangeable industry standard taming pin/disk sets (6 pins with sizes 00 - 4)

Dose straight capsule

Quantitative data collection of each of the 6 pin forces and positions in real time to data file

Powder bed height monitoring adjustment

Tamping pin compression adjustment


Quality by Design

Process control and understanding

Parametric tolerance interval testing


Dosing trials of development materials

Evaluate powder performance under production conditions