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At 3P, Process is King is our mantra. Customers tell us it's the 'middle P' Process, that sets us apart. From start to finish, our engineers manage the entire process, using precision techniques to deliver world-class solutions to our clients. Nothing during the process is ever considered in isolation, helping us to save valuable time and offer a cost-effective service to our customers.

Customer involvement is essential to our business practice and we work alongside our clients from the beginning of the product development cycle to ensure we truly understand their individual requirements. Our ideas creation sessions are a crucial part of the process, allowing our engineers and customers to come together to share their initial thoughts and develop them into real possibilities.

From process concept development and feasibility studies at the beginning of the process through to critical quality attributes (CQA) and critical process parameters (CPP) at the end, we understand how to take limited information from a relatively small sample size to develop a robust 6-sigma process. Our test rigs allow us to understand the link between the CQA and CPPs of the manufacturing equipment, providing solid evidence of a process’s robustness before manufacture begins.

At 3P, we are committed to excellence and have therefore invested heavily in our prototyping capabilities. Our team can generate real-world data for a range of processes, allowing our customers to visualise exactly what they can expect to receive.

Customers get to scale up, confident in the knowledge that the process will work - it's already been proven and tested, therefore faster and risk-free.