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Robotic Capsule Filler

Robotic Capsule Filler

3P innovation's Robotic Capsule Filler, part of Pharma Equipment's Explore Range, integrates our award-winning Fill2Weight technology, eliminating ‘formulation for filling’ steps and reducing pre-clinical timescales, fast tracking to Phase III.

Currently available in two sizes: R500 (up to 500 capsules/hour) and R1000 (up to 1000 capsules/ hour)

  • Scalable, high-speed gravimetric filing technology
  • Integrates Fill2Weight technology
  • Capable of handling the most challenging of powders

Compressing clinical development timescales and reducing costs, this highly flexible system fills powders with challenging properties, without having to change the physical hardware. No minimum batch size is required.

This machine range enables customers to fill vials, capsules, syringes, cartridges and customer containers on the same machine.

Powder Types

It is capable of handling the most challenging of powders including:

  • Spray-dried and engineered particles < 5 microns
  • Pure API
  • Blends
  • Lyophilised/ Freeze-dried
  • Delicate biologics
  • Micro-spheres
  • Solid dispersions/ ‘drug-in-polymer’
  • Other custom powder types

Key Benefits: 

  • Integrates Fill2Weight technology
  • Gentle powder handling, avoids compaction
  • Precise, clean, repeatable filling
  • 100% weight verification, recipe management system with 21CFR11 features compliant
  • Rapid changeover
  • Scalable, high-speed gravimetric filing technology
  • Integrated containment options
  • Environment monitoring/ control available
  • Fully automated
  • Fully cGMP compliant
  • Device mode capability

Flexible Filling Platform - No minimum batch sizes. The gravimetric filling system allows you to fill cohesive or free flowing powders with just the change of recipe parameters. Using the same hardware reduces time and costs.

Multi-stage Ionisation - Highly static powders and/or containers can be managed using an optional ionization system.

Scalable - As the core filling technology, Fill2Weight can be easily scaled up to a commercial production solution with direct transfer of critical process parameters.

Integrated Containment Options - Containment isolator to enable filling of powders up to OEB5.

Temperature, relative humidity and pressure; control and monitoring.

Rapid transfer port options: Integration with a transfer chamber, BETA containers, continuous liner, transfer mechanisms.

Quick Product Changeover - Removable change parts, designed for off-line cleaning.

Machine designed for clean-in-place.

Customised Design Options - 3P can provide custom tooling for container handling, system mounting and alternative nozzle designs.

Get in touch with us today here or by calling us on 01926 408933.

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