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The R500/R1000 machine range provides the opportunity to reduce or eliminate 'formulation for filling' steps in a new development; Integrating our world-leading Fill2Weight technology, it is capable of handling the most challenging powders with the worst flow properties, including spray-dried powders, pure API, micronised, blended and bulk lyophilised powders. Fully automated, GMP compliant and suitable for sterile manufacture.

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Aseptic Powder Filling

Containment Solutions

Dual Cartridge Injection

Steadymed Device Manufacture SMP

Vial Fill-Finish Line

Lab Dosator

Lab Fill2Weight - lab scale precision powder filling

Steadymed primary container liquid filler SMFF

Aseptic Foil Punching & Induction

Innovation - Mondelez Chocolate 3P Printer

VF1 Vibratory Feeder

C500 Capsule Filler

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Helping to understand Covid transmission in the workplace

Helping to understand Covid transmission in the workplace. For the next two weeks 3P innovation are participating in the UK’s “Wear-it” study, to help understand how staff interact in the work place such that future pandemics can be mitigated based on scientific evidence....

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