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Test and demo facility

Our test and demo facilities are available to all customers. The use of these facilities for clinical trials has been proven to reduce risk and help customers avoid ‘formulation for filling’ steps while reducing pre-clinical timescales.

We provide enabling technologies that are flexible and can be adapted to suit any API requirements, including those with challenging properties. Our solutions can handle APIs up to SafeBridge OEB3 enabling us to offer filling trials for powders, granules, liquids and gels using our wide range of different filling technologies, subject to 3P innovation’s API Gateway process.

Filling trials have been known to mitigate risks and reduce cost for most of our clients.

Our test and demo facility allows customers to experience our dedicated filling laboratory offering, bespoke tooling and award-winning technologies.

Visiting our demo facility will allow you to experience our capabilities and see our machines working in real time.

To request a trial, email or call 01926 40933

Test and demo facility