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Medical Device Assembly System

The Medical Device Assembly System, part of Pharma Equipment's explore range, is a semi-automated system that has been designed as a cost-effective automation solution for precise device assembly. Ideal for auto-injectors and injector pens.

Key features:

  • Semi-automatic assembly system that provides ultimate flexibility
  • Machine output: up to 360 devices/hour
  • A versatile and flexible platform for assembling different devices
  • The tooling and product location features can be easily exchanged to minimise the impact of device changes
  • A readily-adapted system which provides future proofing and enables re-use of the system
  • Easy changeover thanks to its 'pallet' option
  • Compact footprint with integrated feet and castor system for quick and easy relocation/transport
  • A scalable system for devices high higher part counts requiring multi-stage assembly or where higher outputs are required
Medical Device Assembly System
Medical Device Assembly System

Key benefits:

Enhancing quality control and limiting variability

Developed as an automonomous system the Medical Device Assembly System also supports process understanding of device assembly. The impact of assembly and device tolerances can be assesed early within a product development. Consequently, the unit can be used to develop the device for ease of assembly and to test the designed part assembly features.

This ability to test designs for manufacture and the impact of part dimensional variation helps eliminate potential issues in scale-up. Moreover, the introduction of automation into low volume device manufacture prevents errors and provides the quality required in clinial trials. The Medical Device Assembly System will reduce variability and enhance product quality.

Supporting quality by design

The system can be equipped with instrumentation to provide users with real time data and trending of key process parameters. Tolerance studies can be easily undertaken.

Reducing time to market and process uncertainty

Understanding uncertainty and minimising risk early is key to reducing time to market. The Medical Device Assembly System ensures that scale-up issues are minimised by using industry standard pallet-based assembly principles. This ensures optimised product handling parameters can be developed from the outset and in the knowledge that the same parameters can then be applied to the scaled-up commercial manufacturing process.

Lowering clinical device costs

The cost of providing small clinical trials can be significant because the volumes do not justify commercial equipment and production processes. Equally, manual assembly systems suffer from human errors and can lead to excessive waste.

The Medical Device Assembly System provides a cost-effective solution can run as a autonomous unit assembling devices precisely time after time, decreasing variability and lowering clinical device costs.

This flexible standard platform can be easily adapted to work at increased capacity ensuring all your future production needs are met.

Technical Details

Up to 360 devices/hour

Parts per device

2 to 8 (higher parts count can be accommodated using multiple modules or special designs)

Device Envelope (device size limit)

Typically W 80mm x D 80mm x H 200mm (larger devices can be accommodated with special designs)

Positional Repeatability

Typically 50 - 100 µm


Optional sensor integration and data collection for in process checking (IPC) and device development. e.g. Force, torque, displacement, vision


Quality by Design. Process understanding


Hand held devices, Medical Devices and Combination products e.g. Inhalers, Injector Pens, diagnostic devices


Pneumatic or Servo Motor Driven Pick and Place Units