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As a specialist engineering and product development company, our aim at 3P is to help customers develop and commercialise new products through the design and manufacture of scaleable production equipment. We understand that solutions must be carefully matched to the specific stage in the life-cycle of the product and can develop equipment suitable for low-speed manual and semi-automated machines, through to high-speed, commercial production lines.

Through NPD commercialisation, 3P can add significant value to our customers’ production requirements and investments. Our wide breadth of technical knowledge across various industry sectors ensures we can assist customers from any background to improve their production capabilities. The early involvement of the 3P team will offer improved cost-effectiveness which is why we suggest getting us on board sooner rather than later.

No matter the goal of our customers, whether it is lab-scale production or development and testing through to 1, 2 or 3 pilot-scale or full commercial-scale production, we can be your trusted NPD partner.

All of our products and equipment are manufactured to meet the strict regulations of our customers’ industries enabling us to supply pharmaceutical and medical companies as well as food and beverage manufacturers.