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Project Management

Project Management

We deliver high-impact projects, where customers achieve rapid return on investment (ROI). We are helping customers to avoid the costs of delay due to late-stage product or process issues. Our solutions deliver high-value outcomes; We're working on projects where our machines produce profits >£70M/year. Some of our machines pay back in <6 weeks.

From the initial ideas meeting and technical concepts through to manufacture, testing and installation of the production line, our engineers and product managers stay with the client every step of the way. Customers have direct contact to project owners allowing customised project planning to meet specific deadlines and requirements.

3P provides regular reports, monitoring of costs and deadlines, clarifying technical enquiries and organising both FAT and SAT. We ensure success by applying a well-established stage-gated methodology to manage potential risks helping to protect customers from the unknown.

Our ability to provide full support and guidance gives our customers confidence in their investment.

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