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Vacuum Drum Commercial Platform

This high-output, Vacuum Drum Commercial Platform forms part of our Evolve Range, designed to fill blister strips at high-speed. This unit offers a commercial scale-up from our 'Vacuum Drum Development Platform - Discover Range'.

Key Features:

  • Air jets to clean outside of strip (high containment) – designed to operate with high hazard materials (potent APIs)
  • Highly flexibly: multi format– (blister shape size, no., pitch) incl. Single blisters
  • Servo controlled web handling enables different variations in the above
  • Capable of incorporating variants in filling technology
  • Heat sealing lid foil onto base foil
  • Indexing web
  • Multiple lane for higher speed
  • Cuts strip to length + slit it to width
  • Integrated with a high containment isolator
  • Self-contained standalone unit
  • Entirely wash-down
  • Pin hole detection
  • Camera system for dose detection/ weight estimation


  • Print detection – for aligning lid print marks to the blister
Vacuum Drum-Commercial-Platform-1
Vacuum Drum-Commercial-Platform-2