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Micro Auger

This Micro Auger is part of 3P innovation's Pharma Equipment Discover Range, offers powder filling flexibility with the ability to fill a wide variety of devices including reconstitutable injection devices, vials, cartridges, syringes, inhalers and sachets.

Product Features

  • High accuracy 
  • Volumetric options 
  • For use in cleanroom and aseptic environments
  • Suitable for medical device filling application (e.g. Inhalers, vials, syringes, sachets)
  • Multi-head options
  • FDA approved material
  • Autoclaveable filling head 



Configurable volumetric or gravimetric filling. 

The Micro Auger can be used in conjunction with a check weigher to provide feedback control for free flowing powders. 

The gravimetric system excels with more cohesive powders, using a high speed weigh cell for real time feedback. It dynamically measures and records the dispensed weight of all doses. This allows for compensation to change in powder properties, such as density, in real time and without user intervention or re-calibration. 

Higher quality, lower waste

Quality is enhanced with reduced dose weight variability, lower reject levels and 100% weight recording. Dispensed weight related batch rejection is eliminated

Lower risk

The Micro Auger system provide a Lab2Line solution offering scalability from clinical supply through to commercial production limiting scale up risks.

Configurable dose 50mg to 20g
Dosing accuracy <3 % RSD
Dosing cycle time 2 to 5 seconds
Dimensions H 880 X W 250 X D 450 mm