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Assembly & Test Automation

Assembly & Test Automation

Platform technologies enable accelerated product development and also reduce development costs. 3P innovation provides standard, proven platforms for complex production and assembly processes, including modular machine platforms which are easily configured to suit specific processes and production speeds.

3P innovation combines standard proven technologies with a custom design where it is required, in order to deliver an optimum solution tailored to your specific needs. Alongside our specialisation of rapid deployment of new manufacturing capabilities, we also provide scalable processes and technologies ensuring production equipment is matched to the product life-cycle.

By learning how and why a process works, 3P innovation remove the risk factor of new manufacturing processes and assembly processes by ensuring we understand the physics behind them.

At 3P innovation, we understand all the potential areas for variability in the product and the impact that may have on both product performance and manufacturing processes, we can help achieve a balanced approach, with open tolerances where appropriate and tight tolerances where they are required.

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