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In 2020 we transitioned to employee-ownership was taken to secure not only a long-term future for the company but for the benefits it provides for 3P innovation’s employees and customers.

Businesses which move to employee ownership are often renowned for having a family-like and collaborative culture something 3P innovation pride themselves on. Each member of our team is actively encouraged to develop new ideas and to make a difference.

'Employee Ownership is about investing for the long-term benefit of employees, and ensuring all employees have a voice in big decisions. Since we became employee-owned, our staff are more empowered to control their futures within 3P. This has led to high levels of engagement and job satisfaction. Ultimately, this means that we can plan for significant growth, and our clients and partners can expect excellent service from a stable business well into the future’. - Dave Seaward, Founder and Projects Director.

3P innovation also operate a successful undergraduate placement scheme bringing engineers from across some of the best universities in the country to company, with 60% returning to 3P innovation as part of our professional graduate development program. We maintain a comprehensive mix of skills across engineering disciplines including mechanical and electrical engineering and software. As well as diversifying our career development across the administration teams.

Our Graduate Development Programme (GDP) was recently awarded a Princess Royal Training Award recognizing 3P innovation’s commitment to the professional development and training of young engineers. The programme has led to a yearly average revenue growth of 23% and a 16% decrease in staff turnover.

You can find out more about what it’s like to work at 3P innovation from some of our employees by visiting our careers page.


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