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Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory Feeder

3P innovation's Vibratory Feeder is a versatile, compact powder filler designed to increase productivity, improve accuracy and enchance operator safety in lab and clinical manufacturing.


  • GMP clinical and aseptic manufacturing
  • Drug formation and development
  • Device development
  • Drug dispensing and filling
  • Continuous and on-demand filling (e.g. blenders, millers, biovessels)

The module enables customers to dose and fill vials, capsules, syringes, cartridges and custom containers on the same machine, with increased precision.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Gentle powder handling – no compaction
  • Precise, repeatable filling
  • Enhanced cleanliness – eliminates spills
  • Manual or automatic fill options
  • Adjustable flow rates

Flexible Fill Position: The Vibratory Feeder is fully adjustable, enabling dispensing at an optimum height to avoid segregation and to prevent particles from becoming airborne or contaminating container surfaces.

Scalable: The Vibratory Feeder provides a clinical filling methodology which can be scaled up later in a semi-automated or fully automated production machine. It can also be intergrated with 3P innovation's Fill2Weight gravimetric control system.

Spill Free: Eliminate the need for filling with spatulas, reducing the risk of spills. Simply press the filling button to precisely fill directly into your container.

Variable Flow Rate: The digital feeder control system allows the user to adjust and optimise vibration levels in order to control feed rate and suit the particular properties of the powder. The closed loop filling option automatically changes the feed rates to optimise speed and dose accuracy.

Ionisation: Highly static powders and/or containers can be managed using an optional ionisation system.

Customised Design Options: 3P innovation can provide custom tooling for container handling, system mounting and alternative nozzle designs.

Confifure your own system:

Choose your container tooling: Examples include: (1) Capsules, (2) Vials, (3) Cartridges/syringes

Technical details:

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