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Discover Range

Our lab-scale range of equipment designed to support drug discovery activities

3P pharma equipment

Our equipment ranges will support your product's full lifecycle: from initial drug development activities, through clinical stage manufacturing and onto commercial scale production.

Discover Range

Our Discover range is designed to support early-stage drug development activities focusing on machine core technology and control. At 3P innovation, we believe that successful new product development (NPD) commercialisation and profitability rely on scalable production. Therefore, the core technologies found in our Discover range are mirrored in our Explore and Evolve ranges - providing full process scalability right from your initial development.

Additionally, these isolator-ready, benchtop fill-finish units have been designed to help you develop and manufacture new drugs, therapies and devices faster and at a lower cost. This range allows customers to de-risk filling and finishing processes quickly and cost-effectively, establishing production-representative processes which can be scaled up without the need to re-validate.

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Fill2Weight Gravimetric Powder filler

The world's fastest gravimetric powder micro-dosing technology incorporating Fill2Weight technology.

Cryovial Filler

3P innovation has developed the world's first true GMP automated cryovial filling platform, helping to drive...

Vacuum Drum Filler

Part of 3P innovation’s Discover Range, our Vacuum Drum Filler offers flexible lab-scale powder filling...

Compression Blister Filler

Forming part of 3P innovation’s Discover Range, this early-stage development unit uses two sets of die...

Liquid Fill-Finish Platform

An ultra-compact and fully configurable, aseptic filling platform with check-weighing, designed to help customers develop and manufacture new drugs, therapies and devices at lower risk.

Rotary Crimper

An ultra-compact, bench-top machine designed for consistent and precision-quality crimping of vial, cartridges and custom containers.

Vibratory Feeder

A versatile, compact powder filler designed to increase productivity, improve accuracy and enhance operator safety in lab and clinical manufacturing.

Micro Auger

This platform offers powder filling flexibility with the ability to fill a wide variety of devices (including reconstitutable injection devices, vials, cartridges, syringes, inhalers and sachets).

Tamping Pin Dosator

Our Tamping Pin Dosator has been developed to fill capsules during early phase pharmaceutical formulation and to automatically produce early phase clinical batches.


Our Dosator fully replicates commercial dosator-based powder dispensing, at a laboratory scale.