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Vacuum Drum Development Platform

Vacuum Drum Development Platform

The Vacuum Drum Development Platform forms part of our Explore Range, designed for use in test-and-development centers. It aids early formulation process development and can produce initial blister strips to run tests on, ultimately assisting in the validation of a novel process.

Key features:

  • Handles potent APIs and hazardous powders
  • Cost effective solution over the rotary alternative (pellet strip filler)
  • Ultimate flexibility: Servo-controlled web handling enables multi format processing: the operator can alter blister shape, blister size, pitch and more. There is also the option to process single blisters.
  • Capable of incorporating variants in filling technology
  • Heat sealing lid foil onto base foil
  • Indexing web
  • Cuts strip to length + slit it to width
  • Twin lane
  • Integrated with a high containment isolator
  • Self-contained, standalone unit
  • Entirely wash-down


  • straightforward scale up
  • multi-lane

Optional features:

  • Reject handling available
  • F2W can be integrated to the powder filling system
  • The design of the modules of the 3P development machine (which run 2 blister lanes) could be expanded to allow production of 7 blisters lanes on the web.
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