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As renowned engineers of innovative automation technology, we have developed close relationships with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Their demanding nature for bigger, better and faster machinery has enabled us to push the boundaries of our expertise.

The pharmaceutical sector has greatly benefited from our variety of lab scale powder fillers as well as our wide range of commercial-scale equipment. Some of the largest names in the industry come to us at 3P Innovation looking for a company with a deep understanding and knowledge of pharmaceutical applications and processes.

At 3P Innovation, we understand that automation of the pharmaceutical market not only has to satisfy the efficiency, safety and product demands of our customers but also needs to comply with the regulatory requirements of numerous trade associations and government bodies. Design constraints on machinery that comes in direct contact with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are also monitored closely when we are developing new equipment, as are the constraints of equipment that is intended for use in a clean room.

Our capabilities include specialising in aseptic powder filling for vials, cartridges, syringes and auto-injectors, however, we can also develop custom powder filling solutions for our customers with unique applications.

We are aware of all extended requirements and only provide automation equipment that will meet and exceed these quality standards. Our extensive experience ensures we can deliver on these expectations allowing us to maintain our market-leading position. Contact us today for more information on our expertise within the pharmaceutical market or find out about our filling trials and experience the difference 3P can make.

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