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SMI Aseptic Processing Conference 2021

SMI Aseptic Processing Conference 2021

20th - 21st September, 2021 | London, United Kingdom

We are delighted to announce this year's sponsorship of SMI's Aseptic Processing Conference. We have a speaking slot on 21st September at 2pm, when David Phasey, Projects Director at 3P, will deliver an interesting session on the Drivers for Change in Aseptic Automation.

Session overview:

  • The trend towards custom automation in response to the macro trends in the aseptic automation sector.
  • New and innovative injectable devices for home administration and care giver convenience.
  • A move from glass to plastic (COC) primary drug containers.
  • Reduction in batch sizes taken advantage of by tub-based supply of primary drug containers.
  • Rapid growth in the need for precision aseptic powder filling technology.
  • A rise in the use of robotics and automation to reduce the risk of contamination and/or operator error.
  • How the commercialisation of Cell and Gene therapies (ATMPs) is being hampered by the lack of custom automation solutions.

Meet David!

David Phasey joined 3P in 2010 as a Project Development Engineer joining a growing team to help develop automation for a novel healthcare device. In the subsequent 10 years, David has risen to Projects Director, delivering projects across a spectrum of industries, each of which has contributed to the development of 3P’s range of platform of technologies. This breadth of experience has enabled David to develop a valuable set of capabilities across manufacturing processes such a novel vaccine delivery and ATMPs, with a specialist knowledge of sterile manufacturing.



Would you like to connect with David before the conference? Click here.


Conference overview (provided by SMI):

The Aseptic processing industry has seen consistent growth in recent years -- with advances in innovative therapeutics, new practices and personnel protocols, robotics and automation in filling lines, and more rapid microbiological methods being just a few of the factors driving this growth. As of 2020, the Global Aseptic Processing Market is projected to reach $73 Billion by 2027.
The industry is also seeing crucial changes in regulation and guidance – fundamental documents and principles of implementation are in a pressing need to be dissected and discussed, and essential insights into applying Quality Risk Management practices to the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products are more relevant than ever. Join us this year to explore novel tools and technologies pushing innovation in the world of aseptic processing and sterile manufacturing.

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