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Qepler's 2nd Annual Inhaled Drug Delivery Summit 2021

Qepler's 2nd Annual Inhaled Drug Delivery Summit 2021

5th - 6th August | Online

3P is proud to announce the sponsorship of Qepler's Annual Drug Delivery Summit 2021.

Our speaking slot is on Friday 6th August at 3.20pm BST. Tom French, Device Industrialisation Engineer at 3P, will discuss:

'The impact of filling technology selection for dry powder formulations on device performance, process consistency and commercial scale-up'.

Session Overview:

  • Consistent high efficiency aerosoliation performance is a critical quality attribute for all dry powder inhalers. There is a strong dependant relationship between the powder formulation, filling technology, device design and the device performance.
  • The desire to deliver a wider range of molecular types of drug has promoted a large increase in the use of engineered particle technologies e.g. spray drying for DPIs which require careful consideration of process conditions.
  • Highlight the impact of filling technology on device performance, process efficiency and manufacturing throughput.  Could selection of the right filling technologies enable increased formulation and device design spaces.
  • Assess the potential issues due to filling technology with process scale-up to achieve continuity of performance as you move from bench, through clinic to commercial; minimising risk in the development process.
  • Affirm the importance of early stage filling trials on formulation selection and device design.

Learning outcomes:

  • Appreciation of the interrelationship between formulation, filling performance with device performance and therapeutic efficacy.
  • Highlight the importance of filling technology selection early in the drug product design process to minimise risk and maximise efficiency in product development.
  • Demonstrate the value of early involvement of technology providers into the design of DPI drug products.

Meet Tom!

Tom French is a project manager at 3P innovation Ltd, and is responsible for leading a team of engineers focused on medical device design and industrialization projects.

Tom has experience working on a large number of device based projects with a range of multi-national clients, from concept ideation through to commercialisation, leading core design work on drug delivery devices and underlying process development. He is team lead on DfM/DfA consultancy for medical devices in the parenteral and inhaled space with a focus on injection moulded components, and is responsible for the process development, experimental design, testing and results analysis for a wide range of novel manufacturing processes. He has extensive powder filling experience with a large range of technologies across both the inhaled and injectables landscape.

Would you like to connect with Tom before the conference? Click here.


Conference overview (provided by Qepler):
The recent years have witnessed major growth in the inhaled drugs market driven by rising prevalence of chronic pulmonary diseases, the evolution of inhaled therapies and technological advancements in device development. Challenges still remain to ensure safe and efficient respiratory drug delivery - including device and drug integration, particle engineering and formulation technologies, clinical studies and regulatory pathways. Our meeting facilitates hands-on experience sharing of successful development of inhaled drug products for enhanced patient care.

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