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ECI: Advancing Manufacture of Cell and Gene Therapies VII

ECI: Advancing Manufacture of Cell and Gene Therapies VII

6th February - 10th February, 2022 | Lowes Coronado Bay Hotel, San Diego, USA

3P innnovation will be attending ECI's Advancing Manufacture of Cell and Gene Therapies conference in February 2022!

This cell and gene conference held by ECI aims to bring together leading academics and industry members to showcase the latest breakthroughs in advancing engineering and manufacturing in next generation therapies. We are excited to be attending the wide range of interesting conference sessions that will be held at the conference, including: 

  • Gene editing and emerging technologies
  • Advances in viral vector manufacturing 
  • Advances in cell therapy manufacturing
  • Analytics and big data
  • The future of product release

We will be exhibiting our Fill2volume liquid fill-finish solution, an ultra-compact and fully configurable aseptic filling platform designed to help customers develop and manufacture new drugs, therapies and devices at lower risk, as well as bringing our virtual showroom allowing attendees to experience all our technologies and more in hyper-realistic 3D! 

Click here to access our virtual showroom.

Meet Dave Seaward!
Founder and Engineering Director 

A chartered engineer and 3P innovation founding director, Dave’s first degree is in electrical and mechanical engineering with a control theory PhD (applying servo motors to automation). This year, Dave is entering his fourth decade in a career focused on developing custom automation for numerous industries, including the pharmaceutical and MedTech sectors.

Dave is named inventor on over 20 patents including Unilever’s pyramid teabag patent. This was included in the UK Patent Office book “Inventing the 20th Century”. Many of Dave’s projects have included aseptic processing, powder dispensing or liquid dispensing. He has worked on numerous dry powder inhalers, drug eluting, sustained release and injectable drug delivery projects. More recently, he has gained experience of novel vaccine delivery systems and ATMPs. Most, but not all, of his projects have involved developing the automation for new products which simply did not exist before his involvement.

Would you like to connect with Dave before the conference? Click here.

Meet Gemma Pollock
Projects Engineer

Gemma Pollock is a Project Engineer and Project Manager at 3P innovation who has led multiple projects for multi-national clients from concept ideation through to commercialisation, predominantly within the pharmaceutical sector. Gemma specialises in the design and development of aseptic systems for sterile manufacture, as well as novel automation equipment. Recent projects include the development of bespoke equipment for vaccine manufacture and the industrialisation of medical devices and consumer goods. Gemma is currently managing projects for the process design, development and delivery of innovative lab scale automated machinery in the cell and gene industry.

Would you like to connect with Gemma before the conference? Click here.


Event overview (provided by ECI):

This 2022 event will provide interactive opportunities for a diverse set of attendees, ranging from trainees to experienced practitioners, to examine the latest advances in product manufacture, analytics, non-viral gene delivery, cell engineering and the future of product release (detailed information on each session provided below).

Click here to find out more about the conference.

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