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How we joined in the fight against Covid-19

Today marks one year since the first lockdown was announced in England.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on how we reacted to the pandemic and the measures we took to join in the fight against Covid-19.

As a business we decided, before the UK national lock-down, to go hard and go early with Covid related mitigations. Thus far our response has meant that, to date, we have had no known incidences of transmission within the business. This is despite a few of our staff contracting the disease within the wider community. We have also seen significantly lower incidence of Covid cases within our staff than the UK national averages.

Shortly after the UK national lockdown, the Government issued advice for businesses to mitigate risks in the workplace. We carefully read through the ~250 suggestions made available for businesses, selected the outstanding actionable steps that applied to our industry and implemented them.

A year on, we have taken a look back at when it all started and put together a list of the preventative actions we took to protect our employees, our suppliers and our clients at 3P.

Here's how we reacted to Covid-19 and the measures we implemented during the first three months of the pandemic:

These health and safety measures allowed us to really understand the importance of acting quickly and being flexible to the constant changes in Goverment guidance, as a way of protecting both our employees and our customers.

The silver lining of the pandemic for us, was our visor initiative. We manufactured and donated over 30,000 visors to frontline and care workers with the help of the Warwick local business community. You can find the full story here.

We are now about to introduce daily lateral flow tests, available to employees and visitors (once we're allowed to have visits!) to further minimise the risk of being exposed to asymptomatic colleagues. 

So far we are not aware of any transmission of Covid within 3P or visitors, which highlights the impact of community prevalence and mitigations to reduce the risk of becoming infected.

This pandemic has further accentuated the importance of being responsive and flexible as a business, and to take preventative actions to protect our workforce and customers alike.

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