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The confectionery market is an ever-growing sector within food production and as such, requires quality equipment to meet the demands of the public. Fast and efficient machinery is a must to ensure companies can produce sweet-treats at a low cost to all involved.

At 3P innovation, we have strong expertise in this demanding marketplace and have undertaken numerous large-scale projects for globally-recognised chocolate, biscuit and ice-cream brands. Our engineers can design and develop equipment suitable for robust manufacturing processes including filling and moulding of food items while adhering to all food health and safety regulations.

Our confectionery customers often require equipment for unique applications and at 3P, our dedicated engineers can do just that. We specialise in developing bespoke solutions and always work closely with our clients to ensure the correct specifications are integrated into the final system. Get in touch with us today for more detailed information on our capabilities and how we can help your confectionery company grow.

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