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Powder Filling

Powder Filling

As a leader in the field of handling, dosing and filling of powders, 3P boasts a world-class engineering team with extensive knowledge and experience, alongside a purpose-built powder laboratory dedicated to helping customers find the best technology for their powder requirements.  We encourage our customers to take full advantage of the expert technology on offer, particularly our filling trials, in which dose accuracy and cycle times are defined. Our filling trials offer our customers the opportunity to see the difference that our engineers are able to achieve thanks to their expertise.

All of 3P’s technologies are uniquely designed to allow for scale-up, from lab and clinical manufacturing to full commercial production.  As a specialist in powder filling solutions, we are able to adapt our services and cater to specific customer needs, as well as providing standard powder filling technologies designed to suit a varied range of powder properties, dose weights and container types.

As part of our powder filling, we have the world’s most flexible powder dispensing system, Fill2Weight which increases our customer's productivity and accuracy with high-speed powder weighing systems and 100% weight verification from doses of 1mg to 20mg without the need to change parts.

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Case Studies

F2V (Fill2Volume): lab-scale liquid filling technology

Consort Medical, has developed an innovative UnidoseTM Xtra nasal spray device to provide unique performance advantages through a novel, patented device actuation and drug delivery solution. The nasal route is particularly suitable for delivering drugs that require rapid onset of...

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