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Liquid Fill-Finish

F2V-Liquid fill-finish platform

F2V is an ultra-compact and fully customisable, aseptic filling platform with check-weighing, designed to help customers develop and manufacture new drug products and devices faster and at lower cost.

This technology fills syringes, vials, bottles, cartridges and custom containers (including diagnostics) on the same machine, with a fast changeover time of less than five minutes.

F2V helps in multiple ways.  Use it to:

  • De-risk filling and finishing processes quickly and cost-effectively, establishing production-representative processes which can be scaled up without the need to re-validate.
  • Build customer confidence by demonstrating manufacturing know-how.  Show that you understand how to manufacture your device.
  • Manufacture pre-clinical and GMP clinical batches quickly and cost-effectively, in existing containment if required.
  • Stay agile, adapting to late-stage changes in device design, life-cycle volume requirements and market demand. 
  • Integrate with a wide variety of different pump brands and technologies;  Compatible with rotary piston and peristaltic pump.

Liquid Fill-Finish Aseptic Platform

A wide choice of nozzle types and sizes is available to suit the dose volume, liquid and container type. Programmable bottom-up filling enables fine adjustment of needle position, speed of lift and fill rate, avoiding splashing, frothing or contamination of the stoppering zone. A nitrogen flush option is available which uses the same programmable controls as for liquid filling.  Vacuum stoppering or tube stoppering options are available for syringes, cartridges and custom containers.  In addition, vial stoppering and screw-capping options are available for vials and bottles.  

The F2V platform is designed to enable fast, easy change-over through simple change parts.  A wide range of different pump types can be integrated with the system, including peristaltic and rotary piston pumps.

Benefits summary: 

  • Ultra-compact; Fits easily into existing isolators, bio-safety cabinets and other containment systems
  • Integrates high-speed check-weighing with 100% weight verification
  • Liquid fill, nitrogen flush, check-weigh, stopper and cap on the same machine
  • FULLY AUTOMATED fill-finish process in either single or multi-container format
  • Fills syringes, vials, cartridges, bottles and custom containers
  • Easy set-up and calibration of pump without operator intervention*
  • Aseptic design and cGMP compliant
  • Scalable technology
  • Ideal for custom containers and devices
  • Versatile and future proof
  • Recipe management option
  • Easy to use, touch-screen display

* Assumes check-weigher option selected.

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                                              TECHNICAL DETAILS
Output Up to 600 fills per hour
Dose range Dependent on pump selection:
Rotary Piston Pump: 0.03-175 mL
Dose Accuracy ±0.1%*
* Dependent upon dose size and liquid properties
Liquid types Aqueous and solvent-based solutions, suspensions
High-viscosity liquids, gels, creams, syrups
Typical container types Pre-Filled Syringes, vials, cartridges, special containers, diagnostic blisters, capsules
Changeover time <5 minutes
Pump options Rotary piston pump
Peristaltic pump
Standard platform content 1 x base platform
1 x configurable, servo-controlled filling module
1 x touch-screen control panel (HMI)
1 x electrical control panel
Module configuration options Check weighing
Vacuum stoppering
Tube stoppering
Vial stoppering
Bottle capping 
Nitrogen flush
Safety system options Two-hand control switches
Fixed guard with hinged door
Fixed guard with light curtain
Power Supply 230V AC @ 50Hz 13Amp
Weight Approx 30kgs (excluding control panel and touch-screen)
Containment options Active/Passive RABS
Full Isolator
Optional extras Weighing, Ionisation system, nitrogen flush, bulk liquid management (temperature, stirring)

The F2V liquid fill-finish platform is designed to fill a wide variety of containers, including:

  • Vials 
  • Syringes
  • Cartidges 
  • Disgnostics/blisters
  • Custom containers



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