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As leading experts in process automation and engineering, 3P provides innovative custom machinery solutions tailored to clients individual requirements.

Innovative custom solutions

From low speed laboratory equipment to high speed assembly lines we can develop an appropriate custom machine.


In addition to full scale commercial machines, 3P understand that customers often need to make initial volumes of representative product at minimal cost and timescales. 3P's approach de-risks and proves out the key manufacturing steps to ensure a smooth and seamless commercial scale-up.

Our specialisms include design and development of equipment for assembly and test automation, web-based material handling and converting, powder and liquid filling, device filling and finishing and also specialist aseptic processing.

As well as our custom solutions, we offer a range of time and money saving standard equipment that adds significant value for some of the world’s largest pharma and FMCG companies. Focused on quality and production efficiency, each item has been developed to meet our core values of ‘process understanding’ and scaleable methodology.

At 3P, we believe that successful NPD commercialisation and profitability relies on scalable production. A process that starts well in the lab, or on bench-top equipment that is robust enough for translation to pilot plant or full-scale, high-volume output.

Aseptic Processing
Powder Filling
Lab Scale Solutions
Capsule Filling
Benchtop fill-finish solutions
Assembly & Test Automation