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We have added significant value to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Medical Device Sectors who have benefited from our instrumented low speed assembly systems.

Great variety of solutions

From low speed laboratory equipment to high speed assembly lines we can develop an appropriate custom solution.


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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Liquid Filling Machine?

A liquid filling machine from 3P Innovation is designed to precisely fill liquid dose pharmaceuticals into cartridges, syringes, vials and other special containers. Liquid filling is often carried out under aseptic production conditions. Applications for liquid filling machines include liquid pharmaceutical products designed for human and animal consumption. A liquid filling machine is part of...

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What Is A Capsule Filling Machine?

A capsule filling machine is a filling machine used to fill capsules with powders, granules or liquids containing pharmaceutical ingredients. The capsules are usually made from a soft or hard gelatine shell or HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, which is a vegetarian alternative) that is designed to dissolve once digested. A capsule filling machine can be fully automated, semi-automated or...

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What Is an Aseptic Filling Machine?

Aseptic filling or processing is the process where commercially sterilised liquid products such as pharmaceutical or food substances are packaged in a sterilised environment to produce shelf-stable products designed for storage without the need for refrigeration. The key for Aseptic filling machines is high quality and accuracy that is specifically designed for a sterilised environment. In...

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What is ‘Lab Scale Solutions'?

‘Lab Scale Solutions’ is a personalised service for businesses looking to increase capability in research and development, in the design of new products and to provide initial production capacity for new products and devices. ‘Lab Scale Solutions’ is suitable for a variety of uses in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and other FMCG production and suitable for every...

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What is Assembly & Test Automation from 3P Innovation?

Assembly and test automation are an integral part of any scalable equipment installed in the production line of pharmaceutical or food products. At 3P Innovation, we use our vast experience in production automation to design and manufacture top quality machines for the complete lifecycle of a product. The scalable processes and technologies that form part of everything we do at 3P are tested...

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