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Challenge Us

The Commonwealth Games have a new event! Here at 3P innovation, we are getting in the spirit of the Commonwealth Games and want you to challenge us. 

We are determined to beat the competition! Challenge us to dose ANY powder and we will dose this LIVE in our powder lab, faster and more accurately than any other competitor. Fill in the form and we will organise a visit to our powder lab where you will be able to experience the benefits of dosing your API using Fill2Weight.

Our Fill2Weight gravimetric dosing technology is able to dose some of the most challenging powders with incredibly accurate results.

Commencing on the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, 28th July, we will be starting the 'Challenge Us' games, putting our Fill2Weight technology to the test.

Fill2Weight technology

Fill2Weight gravimetric filler is part of 3P innovation's Pharma Equipment Discover Range, which benefits from the world's fastest gravimetric powder micro-dosing technology. Fill2Weight technology handles and fills the most challenging powders. It also enables handling of ultra-low-dose and high-potency APIs, alongside the increasing need for high-accuracy, precision powder filling in in clean-room and sterile environments for inhalation, parenteral and oral solid dose (OSD) applications.





R500/R1000 Robotic Capsule Filler

3P innovation's Robotic Capsule Filler, part of Pharma Equipment's Explore Range, integrates our award-winning Fill2Weight technology, eliminating ‘formulation for filling’ steps and reducing pre-clinical timescales, fast tracking to Phase III. Compressing clinical development timescales and reducing costs, this highly flexible system fills powders with challenging properties, without having to change the physical hardware.






Our Powder Lab

Our Powder Lab offers test and demo facilities to all customers. The use of these facilities for clinical trials has been proven to reduce risk and help customers avoid ‘formulation for filling’ steps while reducing pre-clinical timescales. Visiting our demo facility will allow you to experience our capabilities and see our machines working in real time.

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