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Another ISO9001:2015 external audit success!

Another ISO9001:2015 external audit success!

As expected from an organisation selling high-value production and automation solutions to the world’s biggest and most influential multi-national clients, managing and delivering high quality solutions is essential and forms one of our core values at 3P.

Since we started trading in 2006, we have operated a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), ensuring that we comply with the most appropriate business processes to meet the needs of our clients, their regulators and their end customers.

‘At 3P we take pride in ensuring that the quality of our machines and equipment is of the highest standard. Having the right procedures and systems in place to ensure we always exceed customers’ expectations and deliver an excellent service has always been a priority for us. That’s why we can proudly say 3P is ISO9001:2015 certified, providing our clients and partners with the confidence that their production and automation projects are in very good hands with us.’ – Tom Bailey, Managing Director.

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