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Our £395,000 investment to reduce carbon emissions

Our £395,000 investment to reduce carbon emissions

When we moved into our brand new premises in Warwick, we knew we wanted to take real action to reduce our carbon emissions and our environmental footprint.

To achieve this, we applied for funding from the Coventry and Warwickshire Green Business Programme to design a building that would help us reach the goals set in our Sustainability strategy for 2019/2020.  

The below case study has been written by the Green Business Programme's team and it sums up our investment and why we did it:

A world-class engineering and process automation company based in Warwick has invested £395,000 to reduce carbon emissions, expand their workforce and lower energy costs.

3P innovation design, manufacture and support high-end production equipment and machinery, from lab-scale to commercial scale which allows their clients to launch new products faster and at lower cost, with high productivity and reliability from the start. The company has received a £69k grant from the Coventry and Warwickshire Green Business Programme which is partly funded by the ERDF and is being delivered by Coventry City Council. The business was also assisted by the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP) Growth Hub.  The grant has helped 3P innovation to expand their business and achieve energy efficiency savings at their new site in Warwick. 

The measures have included installing LED energy efficient lighting throughout the building, new high efficiency gas fired modulating heaters that save 30% on fuel costs, a high performance air conditioning system which incorporates heat recovery units that use the heat from the outgoing air to preheat the incoming cold air, new air compressor achieving savings of between 20% and 30% and the installation of solar panels on the roof to reduce their use of electricity from the grid.  

Simon Strothers, Business Development Director at 3P innovation said: “the grant we have received from the Green Business Programme has met our objective to reduce the carbon footprint of the building whilst not breaching the budget we had set for it.  Our customers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact and we were beginning to have to make commitments to our customers to constantly review and reduce our carbon usage and environmental impact in order to win their business.”

3P innovation estimates to see a reduction of 153.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year with 290,000kWh of energy usage having been reduced.

Matt Dillow, Green Business Programme Lead at Coventry City Council, said: “Moving to energy efficiency and renewable energy powered solutions just makes plain economic sense. We are working with more and more organisations who want to reduce their carbon footprints to lower their energy bills and make their products more competitive.”

Simon added: “At 3P we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.  Funding support from the Green Business programme has enabled us to significantly reduce energy consumption through LED lighting, low carbon heating and the use of renewable energy from our solar panels.”

3P innovation applied for a grant from the Coventry and Warwickshire Green Business Programme which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is being delivered by Coventry City Council, Coventry University and Coventry University Enterprises Ltd. 

The original case study can be found here:

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