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ISPE's Future Pharma

ISPE's Future Pharma

3P will be attending ISPE's Future Pharma: Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? November 22nd at The De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor.

“Paradigm Shift” has possibly been an overused phrase in recent years when considering how Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will develop in the future. It suggests a fundamental or even a radical change in our industry, a revolution is upon us perhaps but are we really seeing this happen?

The ISPE UK Annual Conference aims to challenge this notion, in what is a conservative, somewhat risk-averse and highly regulated industry where the efficacy and patient safety must always be in the forefront of any decision making process.

For instance, PAT and Continuous Manufacturing have evolved steadily for more than a decade, since the launch at conferences and seminars of the early to mid-noughties. Conversely, Pharma 4.0 or the 4th Industrial Revolution, digitisation and the Internet of Things has gathered significant momentum in our industry over the last 2 years.

Whether facilities, process, IT infrastructure or the Workforce of the future, what will Pharmaceutical Manufacturing look like in the coming years? Will the next few years genuinely be a paradigm shift or will we essentially continue with business as usual – a gradual evolution at best?

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