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3P innovation awarded two AZCAS Awards in 2021

3P innovation awarded two AZCAS Awards in 2021

We're proud to announce we've been awarded two AZCAS Awards (AstraZeneca Construction and Safety) recognising 3P innovation for our on-site activities during the SPP5 CCW project and proactive employee engagement with their Global Engineering & Real Estate (GERE) Observation Systems.

About AstraZeneca:

AstraZeneca are a global pharmaceutical company whose innovative medicines are used by millions of patients across the globe and have become a well-known name following the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to say that we have been recognised by such a successful company for our work here at 3P innovation.

Organisation Award. 

AstraZeneca has recognised 3P for our well-managed on-site activities which helped to ensure a safe and timely install and handover of the three SPP5 CCW machines in early 2019.

3P were able to develop and design these bespoke machines which integrated existing manual operations into a single automated solution. These machines help ensure AstraZeneca continue to deliver life changing cancer treatments to patients across the globe.

Working at AstraZeneca’s new facility at its global manufacturing site in Macclesfield, UK, 3P actively engaged with AstraZeneca in their safety and management processes and procedures, both for construction activities and handling of active products ensuring projects remained accident and incident free. 3P complied dutifully with all safety regulations set out by AstraZeneca, carrying out risk assessments, method statements and regular meetings to ensure safety was upheld at all times. Delivering the CCW project in a live aseptic manufacturing facility was a huge challenge for AstraZeneca and 3P,  this award showcases 3P’s significant contribution which ensured its success.


Operative Award

The Operative award was awarded to Hayley Kennard, one of our project engineers, for proactively using the newly introduced GERE (Global Engineering & Real Estate) Observation System. This system was set out to ensure safety measures are up-to-date allowing anyone to make suggestions of how safety regulations or procedures could be improved for the future. Hayley's contribution to this process was selected as a demonstration to the success of the system helping to maintain and improve safety performance across the project.

Both the Organisation Award and Operative Award recognise 3P’s dedication to complying with safety regulations and 3rd party participants as well as the work of our outstanding high-quality engineers which allow us to produce the best quality products for our customers.

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