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Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Does Vision Inspection play an important part in the manufacture of your product or device? In response to the ever-growing request for our vision system expertise, we have developed an in-house Vision Work-Station. This allows faster support for up-front feasibility testing, process de-risking and demonstrations. The best methods and technologies for a particular Vision System application can now be prototyped rapidly.

3P looks towards Vision Systems to assure product quality along the complete process. We have experience of engineering industrial machine vision systems within our custom automation systems. A faster-automated inspection achieving 100% quality control is critical to our client’s production process and product delivery. For example. The vision-based inspection system can be used to detect partially formed and broken tablets and capsules and determine whether any cross-contamination has occurred.

3P has experience both in the vision system market and also the machine design market. As a result, we are ideally placed to develop Vision Systems and also ensure that these are successfully integrated into the overall machine. Our Vision Work-Station includes cameras, lighting and simple automation to simulate either static or dynamic inspection. By having a holistic approach to the machine design, all aspects, including vision, are considered from the outset of design. For more information, get in touch here.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

R500 & R1000

The R500/R1000 machine range provides the opportunity to reduce or eliminate 'formulation for filling' steps in a new development; Integrating our world-leading Fill2Weight technology, it is capable of handling the most challenging powders with the worst flow properties, including...

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