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Inhalation is now seen as a viable alternative drug delivery route for a wide variety of drug groups, including vaccines, gene therapies, insulins, cannabinoids and antibiotics, however, this new generation of powders comes with a new set of challenges:

3P has expertise in inhalation from feasibility study to the production line.

The benefit to 3P customers is that we help speed up clinical trials reducing risk, shortening development and manufacturing lead-time, reducing costs and enabling faster time to market.

We offer highly flexible powder handling and filling processes that can satisfy the total life cycle of a new drug, from preclinical to clinical to commercial production.

3P’s approach is to dispense powder by weight, rather than by volume gravimetrically.

3P’s Fill2Weight offers high accuracy, precision powder filling of injection devices, vials, cartridges, syringes, inhalers, capsules and blisters with 100% weight verification for use in sterile environments and allowing for compensation changes in powder properties in real-time without user intervention or re-calibration.


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