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3P is committed to adding significant innovation value to your new product initiatives. Our breadth of industry knowledge enables us to offer unrivalled advice on the best solution for your production line.

Whether you require an assembly machine, filling machine or any other automation equipment, we can ensure you are pointed in the right direction.

Right from the beginning of a project right through until handover, the 3P team provide in-depth consultation. We become a seamless extension of your team, working closely with you to provide the best possible solution on the market. Our specialist engineers are names on over 300 patents, proving that we have extensive knowledge of the industry and provide information only available from 3P engineers.

We provide assistance in the decision making of bringing a new product to market. We outline the possibilities while evaluating potential risks and offering solutions. We also consult our customers on the best processes to use to manufacture their product and can even design and develop the exact machinery they require. From ideas creation to prototyping and beyond, 3P offers world-class consultation services.

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