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Vaginal Ring to protect women from aids

Vaginal Ring to protect women from aids

3P's technology is being used to help produce vaginal rings that protect women against HIV.

The International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM) is dedicated to providing women with affordable and self-initiated HIV-prevention strategies they can use to protect their own health. They came to 3P to develop manufacturing capability.

Over many years, 3P has supported IPM to specify and develop a robust manufacturing process. As a result, 3P has been involved in a wide range of diverse activities. These have included developing a spectroscopy solution to measuring the amount of active pharmaceutical within the silicone rubber ring. This led 3P to publish several papers in partnership with IPM on the use of Raman spectroscopy to measure the amount of drug in the ring. 3P has also produced complex automation equipment using machine vision to inspect the full surface of the rings.

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