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Helping to understand Covid transmission in the workplace

Helping to understand Covid transmission in the workplace

Helping to understand Covid transmission in the workplace.

For the next two weeks 3P innovation are participating in the UK’s “Wear-it” study, to help understand how staff interact in the work place such that future pandemics can be mitigated based on scientific evidence. As an SME with both offices and production facilities with near full occupancy, we offer the study an excellent opportunity to gather real world data. Using wearable technologies to characterise physical interactions in workplaces, the study creates a heatmap for how often, how closely and how long people physically interact in the workplace. 

The Wear-It study, coordinated by the University of Manchester for the HSE, measures and understands these interactions, including how they may be influenced by social distancing polices. The generated data will then be fed into the transmission risk models. Ultimately, improving our understanding of virus transmission and effective control measures in workplaces, transport and other public settings.

Volunteers at 3P will wear a small electronic sensor for next two weeks and our entire facility has been rigged with special beacons to enhance data capture.

At 3P innovation we are proud to be playing our small part to protect workers against future pandemics. As a data driven organisation we are pleased to be providing real world data to help protect the planet from future pandemics. If anyone in the UK feels their organisation would like to help then further information can be found by emailing

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