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Arcinova awarded £1 million government grant to revolutionise digital medicines manufacturing

Arcinova awarded £1 million government grant to revolutionise digital medicines manufacturing

Arcinova, a multi-service Contract Research and Development Organisation (CRDO), has been awarded a £1 million government grant for its £2 million Fill-Inova Project. The award will be used to develop a digital manufacturing platform to accelerate the production time of patient specific medicines.

The creation of this new manufacturing methodology will involve a partnership with 3P innovation Limited and its patented, fully automated system for the precise dosing and filling of powders. This novel robotic capsule handling system has been designed to provide Arcinova with an agile manufacturing procedure with traceable weight recordings for each individual capsule.

The Fill-Inova Project aims to create a more responsive and economical method for producing complex formulations in smaller volumes. By employing digital technologies with automation and machine learning, Arcinova will be able to produce on-demand, specific therapies for small patient populations.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will provide £1 million as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, a government initiative to raise productivity and earning power in the UK. The Fill-Inova Project will increase the UK’s capacity to manufacture small-molecule and high potency medicines, with patients set to benefit from accelerated access to targeted drug therapies. 

The current manufacturing method for patient specific drug products involves a non-automated procedure with a production rate limited to 200 units per hour. The Fill-Inova project will utilise state-of-the-art robotics to increase production to 1000 units per hour, while maintaining the same level of operator labour.


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