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3P walks 4 million steps for 'Mind'

3P walks 4 million steps for 'Mind'

A part of our Mental Health Day celebrations, a group of 3P staff have walked a combined total of 4 million steps to raise funds for the mental health charity 'Mind'. 


Today marks the end of 3P's sponsored walking challenge for Mind! All the steps have been counted and we've walked 4 million steps!

Over the last month 3P innovation has been raising awareness surrounding the importance of mental health both in and out of the workplace.

On Wednesday 6th October, we celebrated World Mental Health Day with an educating lunch and learn presented by health and wellbeing coach and registered nurse Colette Thorns. We wanted to raise as much awareness as possible for postive mental health and show how important it is to get the conversation started. So a team of 3P staff got together to complete a sponsored walking challenge, choosing mental health charity 'Mind' for all donations to go to.

Over the last 4 weeks, the team have been taking part in the sponsored walking challenge which started on the 6th October and ended today with steps being recored weekly. 
All staff were invited to join the challenge, with steps being recorded using phones and smart watches, making it inclusive for everyone. 

Photo taken by one of our walkers, Product Engineer & Supply Chain Mnager Paul Beard, on their trip to Istanbul during the challenge 

We hope this challenge has encouraged our employees to look after their own mental health and take up positive wellbeing habits, such as walking. The pandemic has highlighted the effects mental health can have on a person and their wellbeing both in and out of work. So using the tools and insights from the lunch and learn and the resources shared through the company's Health and Wellbeing Policy we hope this encourages all staff to take care of their own mental health. 

But it wasn't only helping to generate awareness within the comnpany that was a success. As a result of the walking challenge, we've helped raise money and awareness for a worthy charity, collecting £295 in donations for 'Mind', who support those struggling with their mental health, 

Stunning photo of Warwick Castle taken by one of our walkers, Projects Engineeer Stefan Hartman

Dave Seaward, Founder and Engineering Director at 3P commented: 'As an employee -owned company we recognise the importance of ensuring all staff are happy, healthy and resiliant - not only physically but also mentally. The different events and activities organsied this month, have highlighted the importance of a postive mental wellbeing culture for both the company and employee's future sucess. We belive it is importnat that the right resources are available to all staff and that our employess feel supporte whilst at work'.

You can still donate to our Just Giving Page by follwoing this link:

About mental health charity ‘Mind’

Mind is a mental health advice and support charity who campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Every year, one in four people will experience a mental health problem, but thousands of people are still struggling and don’t get the support they need.

Mind provide those who are experiencing mental health problems with the supportive and reliable information that can change someone’s life for the better. Their Infoline offers callers confidential help, additionally having a Legal line which provides information on mental health related law to the public, service users, family members, mental health professionals and more. With all information being award-winningly certified by the PIF Tick.

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