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Personal Care

At 3P, we are well-known across the globe for our ability to produce quality automation equipment for numerous demanding industries. One of the markets we serve is personal care, a varied and dynamic industry that involves the packing of a huge variety of products from tampons and ear buds to deodorant and other hygiene products.

Our vast experience in designing and manufacturing automation equipment for production lines enables us to serve fast-paced, demanding markets such as personal care, with ease. We can supply high-speed machining solutions for customers requiring a quick-turnaround of products. Everything we manufacture and supply has undergone extensive testing for improved quality and efficiency, helping to reduce unplanned downtime on the production line.

We design our equipment to be robust as well as flexible giving the ability to adapt machinery to suit different needs. Future-proofing our customers’ machinery offers them a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry, allowing them to seamlessly adapt to process changes without the need for entire new set-ups.

For more information on our personal care product range or to discuss your requirements, get in touch with our team today.

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