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Benchtop fill-finish solutions

F2W Benchtop Powder Filling Systems with integrated weighing

All the benefits of the world leading Fill2Weight technology in a benchtop format. 

The F2W bench-top range has been designed with pharmaceutical and biotechnology filling applications in mind to respond to the rise in the development of personalised medicines requiring low-volume cGMP manufacture, and a high degree of flexibility. It also enables handling of ultra low-dose and high-potency APIs, alongside the increasing need for high-accuracy, precision powder filling in aseptic processing environments.

Fill2Weight is an award-winning, scalable system that supports manufacture from R&D and clinical supply through to commercial production. The system is highly innovative as it combines several different technologies in one solution to get the most challenging powders to flow and dispense accurately.

Designed for use in existing isolators and containment solutions, F2W is part of 3P's latest sterile fill-finish range, which includes F2V liquid fill-finish and F2C rotary crimping system.

Unlike alternative filling technologies, Fill2Weight does not compact the powder, which in turn increases the proportion of a drug that is able to have an active effect in inhalation applications. In addition, the very localised application of low-frequency vibration at the dispense point prevents attrition and segregation of powder blends.

Benefits summary:

  • High-precision dosing with 100% weight verification
  • Scalable technology:  Identical systems used in our fully-automated, higher-speed machines.
  • Gravimetric powder filling:  100% high-speed weight control, verification and faster cycle times
  • Handles and fills the most challenging powders (including delicate biologics, spray-dried and freeze-dried, blends, micro-spheres and engineered particles)
  • Reduces drug development lead-times by enabling formulators to bypass the need for excipients with the associated benefit of avoiding the need for excipient compatibility tests.
  • Fills syringes, vials, cartridges, capsules and custom containers
  • Isolator ready:  Aseptic, GMP design
  • Entry-level system:  Cost-effective, with short lead-times.
  • Ultra-flexible:  Fill multiple container types with rapid changeover.
  • Extremely versatile - easily integrated with our F2V range, enabling vacuum-stoppering of syringes and cartridges and stoppering of vials.
  • Height-adjustable to match
  • Ultra-compact and portable:  Use inside existing isolators, RABS, LAF’s and down-flow booths.**
  • Intuitive, comprehensive HMI control.
  • Recipe Manager:  Develop, save and retrieve settings for multiple formulations.

** Subject to size of enclosure

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