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Benchtop fill-finish solutions

F2C Rotary Crimping System

3P’s Rotary Crimper is an ultra-compact, bench-top machine designed for consistent and precision-quality crimping of vial, cartridges and custom containers.

Designed for use in existing isolators and containment solutions, F2C is part of 3P's latest sterile fill-finish range, which includes F2V liquid fill-finish and F2W powder fill-finish platforms.

F2C is available in a number of formats, including single station or multi-station carousel. In addition, both single and multi-station formats are available with integrated force measurement as an option.

All three platforms have been created to work alongside each other, providing a cost-effective and highly versatile system for aseptic processing of a wide range of container types, including syringes, capsules and bottles as well as vials, cartridges and custom containers.

Benefits summary:

  • Ultra-compact and portable  
  • Use inside existing isolators, RABS, LAF’s and down-flow booths
  • Precision-quality crimping for vials, cartridges and custom containers
  • Designed to work alongside our F2V liquid fill-finish and F2W powder fill-finish platforms
  • Minimal generation of particulates
  • Crimp force measurement and recording (option)
  • Adjustable rotation and crimp speeds
  • Aseptic design and cGMP compliant
  • Intuitive touch-screen HMI
  • Recipe management (option)

Minimal generation of particulates

The F2C is designed to minimise the generation of particulates, which can lead to contamination of the product. Conventional crimping technology uses a multi-rotor crimping head which rotates at high speed around the container. This method is known to generate particulates which con be ejected at high speed over long distances, increasing the risk of particles contaminating the product. To address this issue, the F2C has been designed to gently rotate the container, with a single crimp rotor creating a precision-quality crimp.

Aseptic design

The module is designed for aseptic processing, suitable for use in sterile isolators and for fully automated and manual sterilisation processes such as hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) sterilisation.

Gentle crimping protects challenging liquid properties

The machine includes recipe management for set-up and recording of parameters for a wide variety of container types. This includes full control over key parameters such as rotational speed and crimp speed and enables optimisation of settings to ensure the gentle handling of challenging liquids, such as shear-sensitive biologics and liquid mixes where separation must be avoided.


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F2C-B-0 Rotary Crimping System
F2C-L-N Rotary Crimping System with integrated cap force measurement and Carousel





F2C-L-0 Rotary Crimping System with integrated cap force measurement


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