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Aseptic Processing

Aseptic Powder Filling

3P's excels in powder micro-dosing and filling technologies and machine solutions, and we specialise in applying these in the aseptic manufacturing environment.  We offer several 'off-the-shelf' solutions and also design and manufacture custom solutions if the product and process demands it.  Aseptic powder filling brings several challenges, including accurate weighing in what can be very challenging environments, particulate control, managing and mitigating the affects of electro-static properties in powders and containers, reliable bulk powder handling and top-up and cleanability of the machine.  Our engineers bring decades of experience to address these challenges, designing and buillding machines with world-class quality and advanced functionality.      

Take a closer look at some of our powder filling technologies by following the links to Fill2Weight, VF1 Vibratory Feeder and Micro-Auger.  Each of these can be applied in a lab-scale, semi-automated or fully-automated machine setting.

Fill2Weight is our award-winning, patented solution for the micro-dosing of powders down to 1mg.  It excles in handling the most challenging of powders, including delicate biologics, spray-dried formulations, bulk-lyophilised powders and blends where careful handling is essential to prevent segregation and separation of drug ingredients.  The technology has been successfully applied in automated aseptic processing production lines, filling reconstitution syringes, cartridges, vials and custom primary drug containers for emergency auto-injectors.


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